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Aussie Wonderfoil Aztec Candy
Aussie Wonderfoil Aztec Candy
Aussie Wonderfoil Aztec Candy

Aussie Wonderfoil Aztec Candy

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Contains 10 Rolls. Each roll is 4 cm X 100cm or 1.57" x 39.37"


Make sure your project is clean and dry. You should seal your piece with a waterbased sealer, which has been left over night before applying the foil.

Apply Aussie Wonderfoil size (glue).. available separately or as a deal on this listing to the area you want to apply the foil. Let the size dry so that it is clear and tacky. Place the foil SHINY PATTERNED SIDE UP over the areas where you have used the size glue.

Rub the shiny side using the black Transfer tool available to purchase on this listing, all over the area you applied the size. Lift away the foil, if you have missed a spot, lay back down and rub once more.

Seal with a waterbased sealer ONLY.