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Its so chic Furniture Tattoos® Vinyl Decals Marilyn Monroe 30cm

Its so chic Furniture Tattoos® Vinyl Decals Marilyn Monroe 30cm

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Furniture Tattoos®️ Vinyl Decals

The possibilities are endless for transforming your furniture with the new Furniture Tattoos®️ Vinyl Decals.   So easy to apply, you will love using them to update your furniture, home decor and more.  .

There is a wide variety of  Furniture Tattoos®️ designs available to suit everyone’s taste and needs.

Very easy to apply, they come on a backing paper and a transfer tape on top,  before you start give them a rub over with a credit card or one of my felt edged squeegees to make sure they are stuck to the transfer tape, when you are ready to use them peel away the backing paper and place where required (if chalk painted please seal with a thin layer of varnish prior to using)  rub over the design firmly to adhere the decal to your surface then gently peel away the transfer tape, if the decal comes up with the transfer tape lay that bit back down and rub firmly to aid it to attach to the surface then gently peel the tape away again.

They come in a wide variety of sizes so I’m sure you will always find one that will fit your special piece.

Please see other product listing for a felt edged squeegee to aid application.

I have a Facebook group for my furniture tattoos®️,  decoupage papers and stencils where you will find application videos etc for all lines.