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Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy

Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy

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Amazing Clear Cast resin is a 2-part clear casting and coating resin that is perfect for bringing your next crafting project to life. Its easy-to-use formula has a 1:1 by volume ratio that will provide your crafts with a protective high-gloss coating which stands up to impact!

For crafters of all skill levels, this clear epoxy resin can be poured in layers up to 3/8” thick or used in thin surface coatings.

✅ Add Colorants and Dyes: Enhance the aesthetic of your projects with a wide range of colorants and dyes for a more vibrant look.

✅ Incorporate Mica Powders: Utilize mica powders to add a shimmering, metallic finish to your creations.

✅ Use Alcohol Inks: Apply alcohol inks for dynamic, flowing colors and effects in your projects.

✅ Sprinkle in Glitter: Add glitter to inject sparkle and eye-catching brilliance to your work.

✅Create Personalized Jewelry and Trinkets: Craft custom jewelry and trinkets that reflect personal style or make perfect gifts.

Amazing Clear Cast is a 2-component clear epoxy perfect for adding a protective, durable, high gloss finish, and FDA compliant coating to many surfaces including wood, metal, many plastics, and more.

Working Time: 30-40 minutes

Tack-Free: 8 hours

Full Cure: 24 hours

16 oz. Kit = 8 oz. A + 8 oz. B

Resin must be kept dry and in sealed bottles at all times. 

TOP TIP FOR STORAGE: Keep the caps of each resin bottle on tight at all times. Even during use, pour out what you need, then put the caps back on immediately until your next use. This will keep your resin in good working condition for as long as possible. 

Approx 470ml (16 fl. oz.)